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Dear!" Oddly enough在线观看永久免费网址

I was beyond fatigue when I came in from work late one night. I took a quick shower, shaved, brushed my teeth and headed to my bed. Sheila was in the bed and seemed to be sleeping soundly, but I couldn't resist cuddling up next to her. I got almost a handful of one of my petite wife's bodacious 32-C breasts, figuring I could get some gentle groping in without disturbing her rest."Be careful sneaking in like this, Lover." Sheila whispered conspiratorially. "My husband might come home some night and catch us!" I pinched her nipple hard, and she squealed in delight! "Oh, is that you, Bob? I thought you'd forgotten where we live!"I rolled her over and straddled her. We tongue wrestled feverishly for several minutes while I mauled her beautiful breasts with my hands. I massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. I knew her pussy would be gloriously wet for me when I reached it.I reached for it, and yes, the folds of her pussy lips were drenched! I moved my mouth down to lick and suck on her nipples and breasts. I did a little nibbling on them, too. She liked her nipples treated a little roughly sometimes. I shifted lower to move my mouth to her pussy, while still roughly handling her breasts and nipples.I have firm convictions about giving my lover an orgasm or two during foreplay before ever penetrating her. Sheila had always declared that a grand tradition. I had maintained the practice before meeting her and had never heard any complaints.I licked the wet lips of her labia, then found her clitoral hood and licked and sucked on it while Sheila gave it her best shot of smashing it into my face! She moaned out loudly as she climaxed, and I spoke to her pussy as I cautioned her, "Hush, don't wake the baby!"That had been a running joke of ours through our years together, and The Kid, Cindy, would even use it sometimes herself. Sheila said, "Come up here with the adults, Big Daddy. Stick that big prick of yours into Little Mama, where it belongs."My cock slid into her and it was like coming home. She was hot, wet, tight, and slick, all the good things a pussy should be. Her toned body returned my slam for slam, and it was only minutes before she was milking my cock for all my sperm as she came again with me.The gorgeous little brunette had been a real bitch at times in the last couple of years, but I wouldn't have traded my Sheila for any woman in the world! I kissed her lovingly for a couple of minutes of after play, then sated, I rolled off her and I was sound asleep within seconds.I woke to hear a loud angry voice. "You will not speak to me in that tone of voice in this house, young lady!" I immediately recognized the enraged voice as my wife. I had been hearing that angry voice too frequently of late. She had to be in another argument with The Kid.I came to my feet, pulled on some briefs, and headed toward the kitchen where I'd judged the sounds had originated. I'd been sleeping off the fatigue of working three straight weeks of 16-hour work shifts, but this sounded like something demanding my immediate attention!I rounded the corner in time to see a roundhouse swing of an open hand connect to the beautiful face of my 16-year old stepdaughter Cindy! I impulsively shouted, "Sheila, I adore you, but don't ever raise your hand to that child again!" I felt nauseous at the violence between my loved ones and the sight of blood running from Cindy's lip."Tell her, Daddy!" Cindy interjected enthusiastically, rooting for our team, not understanding any of the complex issues of marriage in the real world.I stood there for a moment, visions of divorce lawyers and enormous settlements dancing in my head. It's not like I'm a stranger to either of those. My wife and I had been part way down that road only recently. "Cindy darling, please don't escalate this." I pleaded. I stepped closer to Cindy and turned her face up to examine the extent of injury to her cut lip, which was swelling rapidly and still bleeding.I got much the same thing when Sheila took advantage of my concern for Cindy's injury to blindside me, but her fist wasn't open this time. I'll have to give her credit, that little lady hit me like a professional boxer! She shouted angrily, "Are you screwing her, Bob? You take her side on everything!"I turned to my beautiful little wife and lover and raised a big hand, but only to point a rigid index finger at her. I barked in the command voice I'd learned in the military, "Believe me, Sheila, you do not want to provoke a fist fight with a grown man, and there is no excuse for your striking our child's face!" Sheila stormed angrily out of the room. I knew our previously troubled relationship would only get worse from here. I turned to Cindy, "I'm sorry, Baby Girl. I'll have to pack my clothes and leave again." Hell, I was standing there in my briefs and barefooted having barely awakened from an exhausted sleep.Cindy had endured the humiliation and pain of a hard blow to her face from her mother without shedding a tear, but my mentioning leaving turned on her waterworks! "Daddy, please don't leave me here alone with her!" She cried and hugged me desperately. "Mom has treated me like dirt the last two years. If you leave me here again I'll run away somewhere and live on the streets!"I was filled with indecision. I knew I'd be strapped for money for legal fees and if I took Cindy with me it would seriously complicate the problems. My intense love for the girl I'd helped rear from an infant had been a large part of the reason I'd come back to Sheila the last time she'd blown up at me over little or nothing and we'd been separated for several months.I breathed a resigned sigh and told Cindy, "Okay, Cinderella, I'll fight her for you, but this means we'll have to document everything. Maybe we can have her put into some anger management counseling or something." I reached for the kitchen phone and dialed 911. When the dispatcher answered I told them, "Bob Simmons here, we've had a domestic disturbance and abuse of a child at my home. My wife, Sheila, has struck both my 16-year old step-daughter, Cindy, and me."The dispatcher responded. "A police unit has been dispatched, sir. Is an ambulance needed?"I looked closer at Cindy's lip and thumbed it back to see it was cut inside, too. It must have been cut by her mother's ring. She winced at the pain, but didn't protest my examination. "Yes, please. I'd like to hear their opinion on whether she needs stitches in her lip."I planned to take her to the Emergency Room to have a Surgeon examine her anyway, but the added paperwork from the ambulance crew would be more needed documentation. I was making an ice pack for her face when the doorbell rang. I handed the ice filled bag to her. "Here, Sweetheart, hold this on your face. I'll get the door."As I opened the door to meet the two police officers standing there Sheila came back into the living room. "Bob, you bastard! You reported this to the police?" This incident was hurting me so terribly emotionally I couldn't bear to look at Sheila!I waved the officers on in and directed them toward Cindy without saying a word. She took the ice pack away from her pale face where the bruises were darkening and her cut lip was already swollen."Miss," the senior officer asked her with concern in his voice, "who did this to you?""My mother slapped me, sir." Cindy answered him.Sheila shouted, "Why, you ungrateful little bitch!"The officer turned to Sheila, "Oh, so you verbally abuse her, too? I'll be sure to make a note of that in my report." He turned to the other officer. "Steve, get the camera out of our unit, please. Ma'am, stand right there while I put the cuffs on, please. We'll have to book you for assault on a minor." Sheila went into a loud tirade, and the Officer shrugged and calmly told her, "I will add resisting arrest to the charges if you won't go with us quietly."Sheila only got louder and the officer expertly grasped one of her wrists, twisted it behind her back, and cuffed her within seconds! He marched her to their car and stuffed her into the back seat, then returned to us to fill out some forms.My mind was in turmoil. Damn it, I adored Sheila! She was my soul mate, but I could not allow her frequent mood swings to injure and alienate Cindy and drive her out on the streets! With her sweet personality, I would have loved Cindy even if she was homely as a mud fence in the rain, but she is a gorgeous little teen.She has long blond hair, a flawless complexion, a beautiful smile, and world class blue eyes to die for. What's more, she has seemed to worship me since before she could walk or talk."Please clarify your relationship for me." The Officer asked. "You're the girl's step dad?""Technically, yes," I told him, "but her Mom used my name on her Birth Certificate as the father. Her name has been Cindy Lynn Simmons all her life."The officer's eyes perked up at that news. "Oh, that's good news then. We have no problem leaving her in your custody." They took pictures of both our injuries, then left with Sheila just as the ambulance arrived. The paramedics agreed Cindy's lip might need a couple of sutures, so I dressed, then drove her to the Emergency Room.I requested specifically they assign a Surgeon to examine and treat her, so we had to wait for over an hour. Cindy told me, "Daddy, my heart is breaking and I need some snuggles and hugs. Do you know where I could get some?"She sat in my lap with our arms around each other the entire time. I took that time to call my attorney, and gave him a quick rundown on the latest events. He congratulated me on having had the good sense to report the assaults, and told me he'd call her lawyer to discuss anger management classes. He had all the information in his files from our previous skirmishes.The Surgeon winced when she examined Cindy's lip. "I am so glad you brought her in, Dad. I can see she got her Nordic good looks and blue eyes from you. The scar would have been clearly visible when it healed, and a distraction, but I can tuck it back in nicely, so she'll be as lovely as ever."Cindy winked at me, and bravely sat through the treatment, as I held her hands. As we were leaving she told me, "That Doctor is so hot for you, Dad. She's jealous of me!""Oh," I answered Cindy, "I've had quite enough of women doctors today, thank you, Dear!" Oddly enough, Sheila was a Psychiatrist, though she hadn't gotten along smoothly with her own daughter in several years.I opened the truck door for Cindy and she told me graciously, "Thank you, sir. Your gallantry is too kind!" She was so beautiful I had to lean in the window and kiss my darling's cheek. She and I have been role playing at various things since she was tiny, or tinier than she is now, anyway. A frequent theme of ours is Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler.I asked her if she was hungry, and she admitted she'd love to go to "Ryans." They have a buffet all you can eat setup she's always liked. I told Cindy, "Your merest whim is my command, my sweet apple dumpling."We parked at "Ryans", and I turned to her. I had always been a doting father to Cindy, and something had suddenly occurred to me. I asked her, "Do you suppose jealousy of our close relationship might be part of your mom's problem?"I looked at Cindy, and from her expression I could see she was considering my question. "I don't know, Daddy, but that would explain her question after she hit you if you were, you know, making love to me?"I told her, "Perhaps so, Baby Girl, but she should know I could never do that to you."She held my hands and whispered, "Daddy, you could do anything to me you wanted. I want you to know now if Mom is stupid enough to dump you again, you wouldn't have to look far for a girlfriend!"My darling certainly knew how to make my heart melt! I kissed her sweet cheeks and the tip of her pretty nose and told her, "You are at the top of my list of loved ones too, Precious, and we will make it through this ordeal together. We'll eat some lunch and then find your Mom and see if she's reconsidered her rash actions yet."We entered the Cafeteria and I paid for two of the buffet dinners. I found a broiled salmon filet that looked good, then some steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I wickedly allowed my greedy inner glutton a big spoon of garlic-mashed potatoes and a spoon of gravy.I was pleased to see Cindy had chosen broiled chicken breast, scalloped potatoes, mixed veggies, and a salad. She'd been raised eating a sensible diet, and continued to do so as a matter of choice. We made small talk and took comfort in the togetherness of a good meal, then my phone rang.I gave them a normal greeting, "Hello, Bob Simmons."It was Sheila's office. "Mr. Simmons, this is Dorothy, at Dr. Simmons office. The Emergency Room at St. Johns Hospital called and Dr. Simmons is there in critical condition."I quickly blurted, "Thank you, Cindy's with me, Dorothy, and we're on our way there!"Cindy had heard the urgency in my voice and had seen the tears rush to my eyes. "Oh, Dad! Is it Mom?"I told her, "That was her office, Dear, and they said the Emergency Room called and she's in critical condition. We'll know more in a few minutes!"We hurriedly retraced our trip of only an hour before. I went to the desk, told them we were Dr. Sheila Simmons husband and daughter, and asked about her condition. Cindy ducked into the bend of my arm and held my right hand clenched tightly against her slender body. She said, "Oh, Daddy! This is all my fault!"I knew I had to end that nonsense instantly. I turned her to face me, and hugged her. "Don't even think that, Darling! Sheila is your mother, an adult, and a Doctor of Psychiatry. What happened this morning was uncalled for, yes, but it was not your fault. It is your mom's and my responsibility to prevent anyone from harming you."The nurse at the desk said, "Sir, your wife has been sent up to the fourth floor for emergency surgery. Her Surgeon has asked that you be sent up immediately." Cindy and I raced for the elevator.The Nurses on the fourth floor told us her Surgeon had been notified of our arrival, and would be out to brief us on her condition. I stood, nervously holding Cindy, until a Surgeon appeared."Mr. Simmons? I'm Dr. Rogers. I'm sorry to say your wife's prognosis is not good. She has a large brain tumor, which would explain any changes in her behavior you may have been noticing in the last year or two.""Doctor, can we see her?" I asked anxiously. "Is she conscious?" More than anything in this world I desperately wanted Sheila to hear Cindy and me tell her we loved her!"I'm not sure if she'll know you," Doctor Rogers said, "but I also understand you have to try. Follow me, please." He led us back to the intensive care unit Sheila was in. She was plugged into more instruments than I knew the names of.Cindy grasped her nearest hand with both of hers and told her, "I'm sorry, Mommy, I love you!" Sheila opened her eyes, and couldn't speak, but tears rolled down her cheeks. We knew she had recognized us!I took some tissues from a box near to hand and I went to the other side of the bed and bent to kiss Sheila. I dried her cheeks tenderly. I told her I loved her and would through eternity. Then I took tissues to Cindy and held her as we all three cried together.Nurses came and wheeled Sheila away as Cindy and I called out our love for her! Cindy was all in tears and so frustrated then. She said, "Daddy, it was the tumor made her angry with me all this time, and the reason you two have had so much trouble! Why did this have to happen to our happy family?""I don't know, Precious." I told her, bitter tears were streaming down my face, too. "I feel like such an ass over everything that happened this morning. I should have known it was something she couldn't control making your Mom behave so angrily toward you!""Dad, you had no way of knowing." Cindy told me. "Mom has been working around medical doctors every day for years and none of them knew it either."I took the box of tissues and Cindy to the waiting room. I called relatives on both sides of the family and asked them to spread the news to the others. Cindy and I sat and cuddled and cried in each other's arms for five hours until we saw Doctor Rogers coming toward us. He looked so exhausted and sad I felt like grabbing Cindy up and running away!He said, "I am so sorry, we tried everything."My world ended!Cindy was kissing me and crying desperately when I heard her voice from far away. Somehow, I responded and came back to her and regained awareness. She was terrified. "Daddy, please wake up. Don't die! You still have me! I need you, Daddy!""I'm so sorry for passing out on you, Cindy." I hugged her reassuringly. "I love you, Darling." I wanted more than anything right then, to find a quick exit out of this life without Sheila, and take it! Where would that leave this sweet girl, though?I waited another hour before we went to my truck. I wanted to be certain my passing out wasn't going to happen again. I asked, "Cindy, are you hungry, Sweetheart? I haven't been home enough lately to know if there's even food there.""Yes, Dad." Cindy spoke. "Mom and I went grocery shopping yesterday." That started her sniffling again, and I wondered for a moment if she might need a sedative.I asked her, "Is there anything you need while we're out, Cindy?"She said, "Only you, Daddy."We arrived at the house and I let us in. I led her to the kitchen, sat her down, and pulled a bottle of wine from the fridge. I poured two glasses and handed her one. I raised my glass to hers, and we clicked them. I toasted, "Here's to Sheila Renee Simmons! We'll love you until the end of time!"Cindy toasted, "To Mom, with all our love!"We sat and finished that bottle, then drank another one between us. We did this while answering concerned calls from relatives and friends and making a few more calls ourselves.I called her lawyer, who was also a close friend. He was shocked at the news, but agreed the tumor could easily have been the reason for her mood swings even he had noticed, and our marital problems. He promised to bring me some papers the next morning that would help me with making the arrangements.I had never been so heart broken in my lifetime, but I did my best to maintain a grip on existence for Cindy. She was all I had left of Sheila, and I knew I was now her entire world.I had recently sold a business of mine, then the buyer had hired me on as a consultant. I'd been working twice as many hours as I really wanted, trying to be certain they had a successful start up. I called them and told them I had lost my wife, and I'd have my daughter in my hip pocket until I was certain she was okay, and they were very understanding.I looked up and saw Cindy had heard every word of my end of the conversation. "I'll be in your hip pocket, Daddy?" She asked, "Did you really mean it?""Of course I meant it, Darling." I assured her. "We still have each other to care for and I need you as much as you say you need me. You are the only reason for my staying in this world without your Mom."We sat and talked until I finally told her, "Cindy, tomorrow will be another very long and rough day, I think it's time we turned in.""Daddy," Cindy asked, "may I sleep in your bed? I couldn't bear to be alone tonight!""Of course, Cinderella." I told her. "I don't want to be out of arm's reach of my Princess tonight, either." I told her in my best Bogart imitation, "It's you and me, Sweetheart!" I went to my bathroom and quickly showered, brushed my teeth, and shaved. I fully expected Cindy's sweet lips and cheeks to be very close to mine in the upcoming days, and didn't want to give her whisker rash.I pulled on some clean briefs and went to my bed, and found Cindy in it with outstretched arms. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her atop me and held her as we both cried! We kissed and hugged each other possessively for several hours as we grieved our tragic loss. Both of us could still scent her Mom's cologne in our bed. I was so thankful my last night in our bed with my Darling Sheila had been a loving one!I woke the next morning to the pleasant aroma of frying bacon and eggs. I knew we would have a busy day, so we did need a good breakfast. By the time I reached the kitchen Cindy seemed to have things under control.She had prepared bacon and fried egg sandwiches on toast, with plentiful slices of ripe red tomatoes. She was just adding spoons of hot cream gravy to the sandwiches for a touch of decadence. She was wearing a tiny pink negligee and one of her Mom's aprons, and she looked gorgeous.I walked up behind her and put my hands on her slender hips."Oh, Baby." I told her, as I kissed her elegant neck, "That looks good enough to eat! The breakfast looks tasty, too." Cindy laughed at my flattery, and turned to give me a kiss! I was happy to see her smile and asked her,人妻无码一区二区三区免费 "How's that sweet lip of yours holding up, Love?""It's much better today, Dad. Thank you." She said. "Could we do breakfast on the patio?""Certainly we can, Honey." I told her. "Do you want coffee or milk?""Actually, Dad." She shared. "I was thinking of doing this Continental style and having a hair of the dog that bit us last night?""Well, it is noon somewhere in the world, isn't it?" I opened the wine and found glasses as she added slices of cantaloupe, watermelon, and strawberries to our breakfast platters, and carried them to the patio.The view of her from behind was outstanding. She was developing swiftly into every bit as beautiful a woman as her mother had been, and I had to remind myself she was still my little girl.My little girl extended her range a bit as I arrived on the patio with the glasses and wine. She asked sweetly, "I hope you don't mind if I catch a few rays before the sun gets too hot?"I told her, "No, of course not." She took off the flimsy garments she had on, and displayed a sexy young body any girl would be proud of. She had always been allowed to be nude in our pool, in the hot tub, or back yard, so I could hardly get prudish with her now.The Kid had been developing quite a rack for a tiny woman. She had a very nice set of 32-Bs. I was happy I was still able to think of her as The Kid, though it took some exertion of willpower. Her pink nipples atop her areola stood out like little berries. I attacked my breakfast to get my mind on a safer track.We both seemed in synch with dreading what was to come later so we just made idle chit chat as we enjoyed our breakfast and each other's company.Sheila's lawyer was the first to call. He said if we were up and around he'd pay us a courtesy call and explain Sheila's life insurance, her expressed wishes for a funeral, and her will. I thanked him, then invited him to drop in."I'm sorry, Doll," I told Cindy, "but your Mom's attorney is on his way over. I'm afraid we'll have to tend to business for a while.""Okay, Daddy." Cindy reluctantly agreed, "I'll start the dishwasher, and cover the eye candy." My "little girl" stood and did a sexy stripper's pelvic wind up and bump and grind that I could only imagine Sheila had taught her during one of her more insanely funny moments! She left me laughing as she gathered our empty platters and headed for the kitchen.The attorney, John Taylor, arrived. Cindy came into the living room chastely wrapped in a long dressing gown, which I felt to be appropriate, given the circumstances, and that we were in our own home.John asked me, "Are you certain you want Cindy here?"I assured him, "She's the closest thing to Sheila Renee Simmons except for her Mom's twin. Yes, I want her here.""Okay," he said, "Sheila's life insurance policies should pay in the neighborhood of ten million. They should be cutting you a check as soon as we send them a copy of the death certificate. Her stocks and investments will total about twenty-seven million. She left it all to you, Bob, and I'll tell you now even during your worst problems, she never wavered in her faith you'd care for Cindy."John resumed, "There are also a number of millions invested in the partnership in the clinic. That may have to go to arbitration. I'll take it up with them, unless you'd like your own lawyer to do that, but you are sole beneficiary of that, too. Then there are notes on her funeral, and her contracts paid in full with a funeral home and several jazz groups for the New Orleans style parade..."Cindy and I were laughing hysterically about the preparations. She was in my lap by this time, of course. Cindy summed it up, when she proudly told the lawyer, "Yes, that's my Mom!" Cindy went from laughing at her Mom's funeral plans to crying like a baby!I knew that would be happening for months, if not years, for both of us. Her Mom had been an amazing character, and she'd been torn from our lives! I cradled Cindy in my arms as she clung tightly to me and we both wept. Sheila's lawyer told us he'd leave us a copy of all the papers, then he left.Sheila's twin sister, Sara was our next caller. Oh, how I had dreaded this call! Sara looked so much like my Sheila it was spooky. I handed the phone off to Cindy, and she handled it while I went to the rest room, and replenished our drinks. I returned to hear Cindy saying, "Yes, Aunt Sara, we'll be at the airport to meet your plane as soon as we're dressed." Cindy looked up at me and I knew this was one of those things we'd have to do. Sheila had always been very close to her twin.What Cindy probably had never heard is I had been very close to marrying her Aunt Sara sixteen years before. She had suddenly broken off our relationship a few days before our wedding day without any explanation.Almost immediately, Sheila had given me a concerned call, and I'd visited her home. She'd been pregnant with Cindy already and her pregnancy had only drawn me closer to her. She had consoled me, which I'd felt like I craved. Her uncanny resemblance to my lost love Sara had seemed to make me love her all the more. I had never spent another night out of her arms until our marital problems of a few months before.We dressed and drove to the airport, and our reunion with Sara was very emotional. I had learned something already, and had a pocket stuffed with tissues. Sara and I had seen each other any number of times in the intervening years, but things were all different now that Sheila had passed. I kissed her, and yes, it elevated my heart rate. She was so much like my love I had just lost!We managed between us to get her bags to our truck. I drove to our house, and Cindy put her aunt and her things into one of the guestrooms, then she took charge. "In my Mother's absence, I am declaring myself the queen bee of this hive." she said. "I've also decided we need an hour zone out time in the pool, no clothing or serious discussions allowed."That seemed a fine idea to me so I went to my room and stripped. I was the first one into the pool and watched avidly as Cindy and Sara's sleek bodies made graceful dives a few moments later. They each appeared in my arms as they came up from their dives."Thank you, Girls," I told them, "This feels fantastic." I got sweet kisses from them both.I thanked Cindy for her having given me another reason for living, and she hushed me. "I thought I said no serious discussions during this zone out time, Dad? If you persist Aunt Sara and I will have to beat you without mercy!" Sara seconded that and they kissed each other fondly to seal their pact.I interjected, "Sara, it is so kind of you to be here with us. I dreaded your presence at first, you are so very much like Sheila, I knew it would hurt to see you."Cindy exclaimed, "That did it, Dad! Now you get the dreaded ass whipping from hell!" They both dunked me, and I let them of course, they are tiny things. They may be close to my weight between the two of them. I let them chase me around the pool and our wrestling and play was therapeutic. I enjoyed spanking a couple of beautiful bare butts, but otherwise took it light on them.We were all panting for breath the next time we regrouped. I couldn't resist them, and kissed them both passionately. Cindy said, "I think it's time we all went to Dad's bed."My darling Cindy grabbed my prick and I asked, "Cindy Lynn Simmons, what on Earth do you think you are doing, Girl?""You are in serious need of a radical attitude adjustment, Dad." She said, then kissed me again. "Aunt Sara and I are about to give you one."We exited the pool. Sara ducked into the master bath to grab some towels, then wrapped them around each of our wet heads. We gathered on the bed. Cindy was still into her leadership role, and told us, "Now it's time for our de-flowering the virgin rite. Anyone who wants to chant magical things, feel free!"With that she straddled me and impaled herself on my erection! I felt her hymen stretch and tear as her eyes rolled back into her head. "Oh, Sweetheart!" I gasped, "I never expected that out of you!"Her blue eyes opened again, and she sighed, "You didn't know how madly in love with you I am then, Daddy!" She raised herself an inch or two, then lowered herself again to my pelvis. Her pussy felt like a snug velvet glove around me. Sara kissed Cindy's lips passionately and they were so beautiful together!I can only plead we were three people in love motivated by the primitive drive to survive an unbearable loss. I reached a hand to Sara's sweet pussy I'd been without for so many years and she moaned loudly into Cindy's mouth. Sara next moved her mouth to one of Cindy's breasts as I continued to finger fuck her.I suggested, "Sara, you used to like sitting on my face." That was all the invitation she needed! Within seconds her lovely pussy descended onto my mouth. I got a glimpse and could tell she was soul kissing Cindy. I was glad for the diversion, because Cindy's tight and not broken in yet pussy was feeling so damned fine to me and I wanted her first time to last a while for both of us.I found Sara's clit and the lips of her vagina, and she was so much like Sheila it hurt me. I was still in love with Sara, of course. Having been married and in love with her twin sister all these years hadn't changed that.My Cindy began to play with her new toy. I could tell she was enjoying the pleasure her aunt and I were giving her. Sara was writhing on my face, as Cindy was on my hard cock. I thrust my pelvis and face up at both of them!I reached my hands up and found one of Cindy's small breasts and one of Sara's larger ones. I moaned around Sara's clit, trying to show them both I was enjoying them.The volume of the two girl's noises seemed to increase, and Cindy was slamming her sweet pussy onto my pelvis. I knew they were both close to an orgasm and I pinched their nipples to see if that would put them over the top. Sara began flooding me with her sweet juices, then Cindy began screaming. My sperm seemed to gush into my darling like a hydrant! Damn, she felt exquisite.Both of my girls collapsed into my arms panting, one on either side. I divided my time in kissing them both long and lovingly.Sara relaxed there limply for a few minutes, then she asked, "Would you two like to hear a mind blowing secret? It involves the three of us and Sheila."My mind was wondering what it could possibly be, but curious Cindy spoke first. "Okay, I'll ask, what's the secret?"Sara put both hands on my chest and then her pretty chin on them as she smiled and looked intently into Cindy's eyes. "Your Mom was still technically a virgin when she got pregnant with you."My mind began spinning trying to understand the logic in that. I asked, "How could that be, Sara?"She said, "Sheila and I were very close, being identical twins. We were halves of what was once a single zygote. We were almost inseparable as children. When we began exploring our own bodies sexually it seemed only natural for us to explore our twin. We kept it up all through our teens, and I began dating you. You were the first man I made love with, Bob, and I fell head over heels in love with you!"I stammered, "Then why did you stand me up, almost at the church?" I still remembered that as a very painful event in my life.Sara confided, "Sheila asked me that, too. She was near as in love with you as I was already, and I knew you really liked her. I told her if she wanted you she'd better just shut up and claim you quick, before someone else got you on the rebound. Don't you see, Bob? Sheila had never made love with anyone but me, yet somehow she got pregnant. I must have transported a little swimmer home to her. I was on the pill because of you, but she wasn't."Cindy gasped, "You don't mean it?""Yes." Sara smiled and nodded, "Bob has to be your real father, and I somehow impregnated your mom with his sperm while having sex with her. There is no other possible explanation. She must have been too embarrassed about our relationship to ever tell anyone." That news hit both Cindy and me like a ton of bricks!I hugged Sara close and told her, "What you did has to have been the most unselfish act I've heard in my life, though I was heart broken by your rejection of me at the time.""Well," Sara said, as tears ran down her pretty cheeks. "I felt responsible. I'd knocked up my sister by not taking enough precautions. My plan had worked all these years. Sheila got the sweetest husband in the world, you got my twin to replace me in your heart, and Cindy had her own Daddy. I was left an old maid, but even the best of my plans can have a flaw.""Sara," I kissed her and told her, "Sheila never replaced you in my heart. She made her own place there in your self-imposed absence. I love you more now than I did the night I asked you to marry me."Cindy climbed between the two of us, hugging and kissing in both directions! "Early thirties is not an old maid, Aunt Sara." Cindy insisted and laughed mischievously! "You and Daddy have plenty of time to have my little brothers and sisters!"Sara slapped Cindy's butt affectionately and told her, "Your Father may not want any more children, Cindy, and especially not with me.""Oh," Cindy fired back, "That means you would? Genetically, they'd be my full brothers and sisters, and I'm not such an ugly kid, am I?""No, Cindy." Sara said. "You are the most adorable young lady I know, and the fact I was so close to becoming your Mom myself has always made me love you like crazy!"I felt even closer to the two of them than I had before. I hoped I could somehow at least partially repay Sara for the sacrifices she'd made for the rest of us.We lounged in bed for another while, then I told the girls I hated to, but I was going to have to get out of bed and see to the arrangements. They both insisted they'd help me, then we did more hugging and kissing.They scattered to their own showers to get ready. I showered and shaved in near record time. I dressed casually, then made a call to the funeral home my darling had chosen.They extended their condolences and told me they'd heard the news and had been expecting my call. I was asked to meet with them at my convenience, and I set up a meeting for an hour later. Sara and Cindy were dressed when they came out of their rooms.I asked them if they were hungry and told them we had a meeting in an hour, so we could build a quick sandwich if they wanted? They wanted, so I volunteered to fry scrambled eggs, if someone else could do toast and slice dill pickles and tomatoes.We worked together well as a team. Cindy also popped bacon into the microwave, and I thought the sandwiches delicious, especially when washed down by a glass of Sheila's favorite wine. We solemnly toasted her memory with it, of course.We used Sheila's car for this errand. It was so much nicer than my truck. It should be, considering the chunk of change it had cost Sheila. She hadn't fallen prey to all the pretenses some Doctors do, but had relented on the luxury car because it drove like a dream.The gentleman we met at the mortuary recalled having helped Sheila with the plans and assured us he only needed us to update the next of kin for the obituary and a couple of other forms.Sara and Cindy managed that quickly and decided on times for the viewing and funeral services.Cindy and Sara had brought one of Sheila's favorite gowns, and a picture showing how she liked her hair and makeup done, and I had to take a walk outside to get some air. This was all so traumatic! I cleared my head for a while, then went back in.I asked the director about the jazz bands Sheila had contracts with and he said he was quite familiar with them, having dealt with them before. He offered to contact them and I quickly thanked him. He said they'd be marching in the property out back owned and maintained by the funeral home.I asked the girls, "Do you two have any suggestions about flowers? Sheila liked them a lot." They seemed to draw a blank so I suggested, "How about if we went to every florist in town and ordered most of their available arrangements delivered? We could appeal to everyone attending to take some flowers on the way out and deliver them to a hospital, clinic, or nursing home."Mom would have liked that idea a lot, Dad." Cindy said. "It's so you! Most of the doctors, nurses, and others in medical fields in town will be here anyway."We found a phone book and drove to a half dozen different local florists. After we explained our plans they got creative and promised the chapel and their entire yard would have a floral theme!Cindy and Sara both seemed to be okay with the plans for the funeral, so I proposed we go to our favorite bar slash seafood spot for a couple of hours of relaxation. We shocked the owners and some of the customers. Most of them who knew us had heard the news of Sheila's untimely death, so her identical twin Sara's appearance surprised them!Sara asked for a frozen Margarita, and Cindy looked to me for permission. At my nod she ordered one, too. I asked the waiter to make it three. Sara was looking through the menu, and asked, "Everything on the menu sounds so good, do you two recommend anything in particular?"Cindy and I spoke in concert, "The fried green tomatoes!" We laughed, then told her they are a favorite of ours, as they had been of Sheila's.The Margaritas arrived and I raised my glass and proposed a toast. "Here's to Sheila, and to our making more good memories with those she loved the most!" Cindy, Sara, and I clicked glasses all around. Sara was so beautiful she reminded of why I'd fallen in love with her years before.I suggested to the girls, "If you'd like, we could order our own smorgasbord, a variety of things. How does hush puppies, fried green tomatoes, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp brioche, fried oysters, broiled sea scallops, crab cakes, and fish filets sound?""That sounds yummy, Dad!" Cindy exclaimed. "We would have plenty of leftovers from that for a picnic later around the pool. I double dog dare you to order it."Sara smiled impishly and added, "I triple dog dare you!" I have never been a man who could refuse a good dare, especially from beautiful women. We placed our order, then went to the salad bar and I put a scoop of cottage cheese on a bed of fresh spinach leaves, and topped that with bacon bits and a couple of deviled eggs.The waitress brought us a bowl of mayonnaise, knowing my preference for Marie Rose sauce with seafood. Cindy asked, "May I mix it, Dad?" I handed her the bowl and she expertly added ketchup, lemon juice, and a dash of Tabasco sauce, as she'd learned years ago."Oh, that does bring back memories!" Sara exclaimed. "You used to put that on salads, seafood, meats, and most everything you ate, except me. I want some too, please." Cindy spooned some onto her platter, then passed the bowl."Yep," I told Sara, "You can see I raised my Kid on it."Our food was delicious, and the variety made it doubly tasty. We savored every bite, and Cindy shared her own plan with us. "I'm going to take my time eating so I won't fill up too quickly. I think I'll go out in their yard in a few minutes and do some hand stands and cart wheels to rearrange things so I can eat more!"Sara and I both laughed at her idea. Sara confided, "I think I'll pass on the acrobatics, Honey. The picnic around the pool later sounds good though.""Yeah!" Cindy's eyes lit up. "Dad should need another 'attitude adjustment' by then!" Cindy turned to me. "Dad, you are going to ask Aunt Sara to stay with us, aren't you? I can tell you two are still madly in love and we all three need each other now."I had to smile at Cindy's impudence. I reached for her hand and for Sara's. "You are quite a little match maker, Cinderella. This is all very sudden, and we really shouldn't rush things. Sara, I will say Cindy is at least partially right. I am still very much in love with you. I hope you will at least give some thought to reconsidering your rejection of my last marriage proposal?"Sara's smile lit up her face, and she looked so lovely as she spoke sincerely to me, "Bob, I once gave you up for Sheila, and for Cindy, and for you. If you and Cindy ever want me out of your lives again, you will have to beat me, whip me, and make me write bad checks. Turn me on, then don't let me cum. Take me to the bad side of town and pimp my body cheap. Otherwise, I'll never leave your side again!"Cindy leaped from her chair and gave us both kisses and hugs. She cackled, then told us, "When we get home, you two can start working on making some brothers and sisters for me!""Sweetheart, I believe we'll have to give that idea some serious thought and discussion." I shrugged, winked, and told Cindy, "We could practice for it, in the meantime, though."




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